School, friends, and getting lost

I’m done with my first week of school and second week of deutschKurs! There have definitely been some crazy things that have happened since my last post.
DeutschKurs is fun. I have class every morning from 8:35-11:15 with about 8 other exchange students in my school. Some with AFS and some with Rotary. I haven’t learned too much, but I think a lot of it is making more sense to me now, which is good! I also don’t speak much German with my host family but I’m wanting to change that. I’m actually working with my host sister, Aline, a lot in German. I’m trying to form sentences that make sense, and I need help most of the time but it definitely helps. And I think my understanding of German has improved a lot in the past 2 weeks.
School is really good as well. I have to walk to school every morning, and it’s only about 11 minutes on a good day. It’s really nice because I get to listen to music and get some fresh air. I’m in the 4th class, so I’m a sophomore here. I thought it would be hard to be in a younger class but everyone is so mature and I normally forget most of them are 15-16😂. I’m in class 4j, where the “focus of studies” is Economy and Law. We have a new schedule every day of the week, but we normally have one E&L class a day. I’m also taking Chemie, bio, and physics. These Swiss people don’t joke about their education… However, I’m really excited for both my history and English classes! All of my classes are in Hochdeutsch except for English. And my classmates are really patient and typically speak English with me and sometimes even with each other! They’ve all been really nice and welcoming with me and Sakiko, from Japan. I couldn’t of asked for a better class. And there’s even one girl in my class who’s also from Texas! She was born here, but her mom’s Texan. It feels good to have someone understand my Whataburger obsession.
After DeutschKurs I don’t have to go to class until 2:10 so I normally do something with my other exchange students and then sit with my class in the Mensa (cafeteria). I think that’s my favorite part of every day because my fellow inbounds and classmates are all so great and funny.
As for what else I’ve been up to:

I took the wrong train last week and ended up in Luzern at 9:00 on a Friday night… I was supposed to take a train at 8:36 to Cham, which is only about a 10 minute train ride. But there was a train that came at 8:32 and I thought it was the same one. It wasn’t… It’s all good though, I survived with the help of my new friends Isabella and Nathaniel. I think I definitely would’ve cried to myself the whole ride there if it wasn’t for them.
I also went on the mountain of Zugerberg with my fellow inbounds after my first Zugerland Rotary Meeting on Wednesday. The meeting was good, and all 3 of my host families were there! I finally got to meet my last one and see my second host mom again. They all seem amazing and I know I will have a wonderful time with each family! The presenter was speaking in Schweizerdeutsch about exports and imports of Switzerland and Russia (well at least I think that’s what he was talking about).
In Zugerberg we mainly just took photos with our flags of the beautiful view of Zug. We were going to hike up the mountain but it was too hot at about 88 degrees… (I used to think that was cold, I’m weak now).

On Thursday Zug had a Jazz fest. Night in the old town so Isabella, Miriam, and I went together. It was so nice, we got to hear our friend play in the orchestra at the beginning which was cool, and then we went for a little swim because it was too hot. The last band we got to see was a mixture of jazz and alternative and it was really cool. Walking around old town with loud jazz music blasting all around is definitely my favorite memory so far.

^And last but not least my host sister and I helped my host dad, André, with volunteer work in the alps yesterday. The three of us, and about 30 others, had to find rocks to place into a big metal basket that would be the foundation for a bridge across the waterfall/ dam. It wasn’t too bad, although the hike up was a little hard, as I don’t think I’ve ever officially hiked before… Thanks mom.

So that’s it for this update! Thank you for reading and sorry it was so long… My next update I’ll probably talk about what it’s like to live in a world full of Schweizerdeutsch and not understanding anything…



2 thoughts on “School, friends, and getting lost

  1. Dr. Sandra W. Froese says:

    Allison, you are a very brave and inquisitive young lady to embrace all these changes in your life. Don’t worry about taking the wrong train–that will lead to another adventure! There is always someone nearby to help you get back to where you started! I am goong to start taking the wrong train more often. Life is an adventure to be enjoyed and shared. –Love, Mimi

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